Parent Reviews

Keith Wilson

Our kids have been doing gymnastics or cheerleading at A Kids Gym for 4 years now. We love it here. The staff have always been super friendly, fun and patient with the kiddos. A great environment for kids.

Jamie Barber

Our family loves A Kids Gym! They treat everyone like family and are always so kind and welcoming. I wouldn’t trust for my daughter to be under the care of any other center!

Sarah Kutchko

Both of my kids love going to A Kids Gym. One of them started at 18 months old and the other started the baby class at 4 months old, 5 years later they are both still taking classes there. The classes bring the right mixture of teaching skills along with having fun.

Tina Farley

We love A Kids Gym! The coaches are awesome and the classes are so fun! A great spot to get your little one some socialization and get those little bodies moving.

Taryn L.

I've been bringing my kids here for 5 years now. The staff are always so kind, and the value of their programs are really good. I've been a part of their baby gymnastics program, parent child, and my child has gone through their development classes as well. Highly recommend to anyone who wants their kids to do gymnastics or to just get out and jump around a bit!

Barbara Howell

Penny and Reallynn love this gym so much. I have see Incredible growth in both girls!!!! The staff is what sets the gym above all others. Definitely give them a try, you wont be disappointed.

Tina Johnson

I love this day care. The picture updates of the kids' activities are so wonderful. They are very caring and my granddaughter loves it there.

Jessi Carnes

Our daughter has been going to daycare at a Kids Gym for over a year. I love how friendly and open it is. We knew from the moment we walked in and heard how the teachers work with the kids that we would love it and we haven't been disappointed!

Paige Frost

My son just started there and so far he seems to absolutely love it, and I love it because they keep them busy, active and engaged. Its the perfect place for my son to get all that toddler energy out

Marisabel Cirilo

I love a kids gym! My daughter who is 4 goes there for VPK and has learned so much! My daughter is brings home her projects which are the cutest! Ms.Karen and Mrs. Jeanette are really great with keeping me in the loop with what my daughter is doing through the day. They send pictures of what they are learning and doing that day! It’s amazing how much my daughter has learned and grew with this vpk program. They make it easy to check in and out with our phones. They check my daughters temperature every day before they go in to class and throughout the day. They also have a gym where the kids can play and burn off energy. I have another daughter who I will be sending to A kids gym in August for VPK. Highly recommend!!

Kate B

This is a true gem in Oviedo.We have used each and every service they offer in the past 7 years.My daughter started gymnastics there at 7 yo and grew a strong passion to this sport.Though the gymnastic program is recreational Coaches Angie and Alyssa are dedicated professionals who see each child' s potential and have individual approach to each kid.They are kind, patient, cheerful.encouraging .They tought my daughter basic skills and foundation to be ready for competitive gymnastics and my daughter showed great results at the state championship in her first competotion season.

Amy Gilmore

My twin boys have been going here for before/after school and camp and we couldn't be happier. We feel the staff always has safety and my boys' best interests at heart. My guys LOVE Ms. Angie and the gymnastics staff. Having the gymnastics curriculum as part of their after school program is a huge plus, something they just won't get at another daycare for anywhere near the price. JUST this MONTH Kids Gym opened a huge new area for the after school program since they bought out the space next door. WE have always felt valued as customers and I know my boys are safe, well cared for, and having a ball.

Mommy With Five Kids

They work with peanut/tree nut allergies. My son is anaphylaxis and the school stopped nuts. They truly focus on the children's safety. My daughter is in the 3 year old class and she comes home and tell me that she already misses her teacher. When two kids don't get along they use positive ideas to make the kids become friends. It works!

My son is 22m and a hand full and they keep the kids so busy. My son loves his teachers and friends. They kids come home and now go to sleep by 8pm. They do so many fun activities that they get so tired. I love it!

Jennifer Webb

We have our children go to kids gym after school and we love it. They insist on the kids finishing their homework before going to play in the gym. The price is very affordable and the kids hey an opportunity to burn off a lot of energy before they head home.

Jennifer Sherman

This has been a great fun for our kids. They did their VPK here when they were 4 and 5, and we are now back several years later for their tumbling classes. The staff have always been amazing and so nice. We love it here!

Loli Medani

My younger sister loves a kids gym! She’s been going there for gymnastics and is always showing us her new moves, everyone is so friendly ans makes her feel welcome. The teachers are great and she’s always so excited to go! The environment is welcoming and the staff is very professional. The prices are great and the classes are worth every penny! I’ve already gotten some other friends take their kids there and they love it. Definitely recommend!

Lori Arcomone

My daughter participated in the gymnastics program at A Kids Gym since she was 10 months only. Their professionalism and knowledge has trained her to become a competitive gymnast. Everyone is super friendly and always willing to work with the families. I highly recommend A Kids Gym.

Brittany Mann

Our daughter has been going to A Kid’s Gym for about six months now after a friend recommended it to us. She absolutely loves her teachers and it’s the highlight of her week! I am so impressed by how they always keep the kids active during the lessons and do a variety of activities/apparatuses. We’re so grateful they have been open during this time and appreciate their extra caution to keep the kids healthy and safe. We recommend A Kids Gym to all our friends!

Joshua Lyon

My wife and I started bringing our oldest daughter here about 5 years ago. She’s learned so much and absolutely loves this place. Now our youngest who is just over 1 has started her first class. We’re so happy to have such a great place so close to us. The people that run it are absolutely amazing and we’d recommend A Kids Gym to anyone.

James Connors

Our two grandkids have attended the gym now two months and have grown so much in skill. The staff treats each kids like family. They are very professional staffed.

Property Love

Amazing Daycare and Amazing Gym!! Both of my daughters have attended daycare here and now attend gymnastics and tumbling classes twice a week. The staff is amazing across the board, and really care about the kids and their safety. Additionally, we also held a birthday party for one of our daughters. They allowed us to pick our theme and decorations. We did an Olympic gymnast theme. The kids had a blast. I highly recommend a kids gym to anyone looking for a great place for their kids for daycare, after care, gymnastics, or birthday celebrations!! M. Luiz

Jlynn 1488

Both my 5 year old and 11 year old attend the gym 3 times weekly. We love it. The staff is friendly and very professional. They relate to each child anf no child is left behind.

Jenelle Ferrer

I absolutely love taking my daughter here! I can already tell her confidence in her motor skills and running increase because of the safe environment of play. It's been a wonderful opportunity to meet other moms and young ones as well.

Natalie Stramowski

Awesome kids- progressive gymnastics & Ninja programming is wonderful for all ages- it's a great gym to a have a party- fun atmosphere to work in- super staff work with! Very involved with kids and family - safety is always number one with fun being the next priority!

Jesse Mccreery

Kind, devoted teachers with friendly staff, plus an amazing gym that my girls ages 3 & 4 absolutely love! I love A Kids Gym because my kids have adorable crafts and projects and colored pages every week in their take-home box. A lot of things are hand and fingerprints and definitely worth keeping. Structured setting and my children are learning so much. 💜

Amber Sheffield

We love A Kid's Gym because it has given my daughter self-confidence to be able to perform in front of crowds without any worry. It has built something in her that can't be taught from sitting behind a desk. She has also learned athleticism and team building skills. 💙💜

WINDER Dishman

My four children have been going to A Kids Gym summer camp program since 2010. My youngest started daycare there in 2013, did the VPK program, has attended after-school and has been in Gymnastics and Rascals Cheer. We love the staff and the diversity of all the things they offer. It's not just a day care or boring summer camp. They have so much to keep the kid's interested. Love, Love Love this place!!

Carmen Shoemaker

Had my daughter's 3rd birthday party here and it was a complete success!! The party attendants were amazing with the kids and organizing everything! They completely exceeded my expectations and all the kids... from 18 mons to 11 years old, everyone had so much fun while the parents were able to relax and enjoy!

Michelle Austin

We love A Kids Gym Learning Academy. My daughter started vpk with the gym add-on this year. She is learning so much. We love the teachers and the staff. They are so friendly and helpful. We also love that there is open family gym on Friday nights, which is included with gym class. We are so happy to have found such a great school.

G Caban

We transferred to AKG in 2019 from another local early learning center with A STEM program and after school care. It was a great decision! Our daughters love having their gymnastics in a fun place and my 4 years old have enjoyed learning in a caring place. Good quality, location, options, and price. We are very happy to be part of AKG!!

Stephanie Poe

My children absolutely LOVE A Kid’s Gym... as do I. We found this gem when looking into VPK for my oldest and a daycare for my then 2-year-old son and immediately fell in love. My children begged to go to school and always talk about how much fun they have. My daughter’s VPK year was unfortunately cut short due to COVID last year, and we have since had several days of her crying because she misses it so much. As a mom, I love that the high-quality learning is embedded in PLAY. As someone who works in education, I think this is something that is lacking in today’s society and makes a world of difference in a child’s development.

Cindy Romero

We love a kids gym! My daughter has been doing gymnastics here for the past 2 years and due to covid we had to take a break but we are back!! Love the people, love the way they make you feel like you are part of their family when you walk in the door. The ladies are always happy and very welcoming.

Cristina Treskovich

My kids attended a kids gym school for the last 3 years. Both of my daughters completed VPK there and were very prepared for kindergarten. We have done the gymnastics/tumbling/cheer classes for the last 4 years and are very happy with our kids progress. They love coming here and are well cared for.

Kenneth Kershaw

The staff is so professional and relates to each child. Mrs Joy is great with the kids. The gym is one of the things our family looks forward to each week and is helping build up our kid's confidence👍

Virginia Connors

My granddaughters have only been there a few months and have grown much. The staff treats the kids like family. It's well worth the investment and is very structured

Matthew Connors

We send both of our kids ages 5 and 11 there, and absolutely love the staff and all the coaches. Our kids love going to all their classes and look forward it!

Jeremy Carnes

We have been taking our daughter there since she was old enough to go to day care. A Kid's Gym has been a wonderful place that I feel safe taking my daughter every morning. The staff are great and it is always a pleasure to talk about the kiddos with them.

Barbara Martinez

My one year old and my three year old (who has been going since she was a baby) absolutely love it there! The teachers really love my kids and know so much about their development and communicate so well with me. My girls have both learned so much there because they educate the whole child with a great combination of play, exploration, activity with time in their awesome gym and playground, and some more structured learning. I highly recommend them for a daycare!

Erin de Rivero

We have been taking our daughter here since she was a little over a year old. We love the progress we've seen her make in her motor skills as a young toddler, and basic gymnastic skills as a preschooler. The coaches are great with all the kids, patient and gentle as they attempt to do new moves and use different muscles. The structured circle time at the start of class with stretching and dancing is fun, and the bye-bye-ball time at the end is great, all of which have contributed to the improvement in our daughter's attention, ability to share, and patience. We'd love to see stories and mini puppet shows brought back (as Ms. Zu used to do).

The price is great for what you get, and we take advantage of the multiple classes per week as we never know how our weekly schedule will pan out.

Layne Petrino

We had my daughter's 3rd birthday party at A Kids Gym and they were wonderful to work with. They gave me a lot of info over the phone prior to booking and were always great about answering questions during the planning process. I also can't believe how much was included for the price. I bought a lot of extras just in case but I ended up being able to return most of it because I simply didn't need it. I was also worried about the decorations but I shouldn't have been because the room was DECKED out! I made more work for myself because I made sure to have extra decorations and balloons to make sure that my daughter would know she had all her favorite princesses there but again, I really shouldn't have bought a thing because the room looked great without it. I also decided I wanted to bring my own food and drinks which the staff was great about helping me set up before the party and give out to the kids during the party. Invitations were even included and if I had ordered pizza as suggested I would have had to do almost nothing.

And being OCD myself, I also appreciated that the staff kept the party running really smoothly. They kept track of the time and made sure everything moved along accordingly. Play time, then food and cake and then more play time (bounce house!) During the sit down portion the staff was great about steering the kids straight to the table and helping the kids get served food so that it wasn't chaotic at all. I was very impressed, it ran like a well-oiled machine.

As far as the party itself, the kids had a blast. I really liked that it was a nice balance between being structured enough that the kids knew what to do and who to listen to but not so structured that they were all bored or wandering off by the end of it. The kids really were the focus which I really appreciated because when you only have a 2-hour block it's easy to get swamped in food/gifts/distractions rather than focusing on letting the kids have fun. And they really made my daughter feel special that day by focusing on her and her friends.

Overall, they took such a weight off of me for the party planning. I would definitely recommend them in the future