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A Kids Gym Learning Academy is for "little learners" walking to pre-Kindergarten. Taught by our experienced staff of pre school educators, your "little learner" will grow in an environment that is suited to his/her needs.

A Kids Gym Learning Academy offers your "little learner" a wonderful introduction into the school environment in a half-day or Full day program that is geared toward preparing your "little learner" for kindergarten in a literature-rich environment and hands on activities.

A Kids Gym Learning Academy also contains a physical education curriculum which introduces "little learners" to gymnastics and dance, and teaches them the core skills needed for basic ball handling, skipping, jumping, kicking skills and MORE! Kids Learning Academy is offered Monday through Friday You can choose 2,3,4 or 5 days divided into certain age groups designed to meet your "little learner" at his/her level.

A variety of extended programs are available between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:30 PM A registration fee of $50 is required to hold your "little learner" ’s spot.

A supply fee of $100 is paid in two payments of $50 each, due in September and January. Registration and supply fees are paid annually, and could be subject to proration based on your "little learner" ‘s date of enrollment.

Learning primarily occurs over five domains: cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and sensory. When "little learners" develop skills in one domain, learning occurs in other domains as well. At A Kids Gym Preschool, we recognize the value of cross-dimensional learning and provide an atmosphere for this to happen naturally. The classroom schedule allows ample time for a variety of both teacher- and "little learner" -directed activities. Learning centers open the doors of learning, and allows each "little learner" to explore and play. Early literacy skills are enhanced through story-time and small teacher-directed activities. All curriculum follows the National Association for the Education of Young "little learners" (NAEYC) guidelines of Developmentally Appropriate Practice. Your "little learner" ’s learning will be maximized as we provide a loving, supportive environment.

Our goal is to inspire in each "little learner" a lifelong love of learning. We strive to equip every "little learner" with the social, emotional, physical and mental capacities he/she will need to become a successful student. Our curriculum focuses on whole-child learning, and is based on Developmentally Age Appropriate Activities built specifically for our "little learners". Whole child learning incorporates all domains of learning into each activity, while we also incorporate access to their large gross motor skills development through our incorporated gymnastics component.

We strongly believe that positive discipline begins well before a "little learner" ’s behavior ever exceeds acceptable limits. From the onset, age-appropriate behaviors are identified and clearly communicated. Teachers discuss sharing, taking turns, and appropriate play limits with each "little learner" . It is essential that we maintain an environment that encourages "little learners" to explore, take risks, and make mistakes that are so vital in the learning process. To do this, a teacher’s priority becomes “catching a "little learner" doing something right,” and then praising that effort with smiles, hugs and attention. A teacher’s job also consists of identifying potential trouble spots and eliminating them. With proactive planning and communication on a daily basis, we try to instill a positive sense of responsibility and accountability in each "little learner" . Clear limits give "little learners" confidence, and allow them to successfully interact in the classroom environment.

When inappropriate behavior does occur, it is important for a "little learner" to know why that behavior is inappropriate. The teacher will immediately communicate to the "little learner" and redirect that behavior in a positive direction. These communications are handled respectfully and firmly, and are NEVER intended to embarrass or belittle a "little learner" . Specific behaviors are identified as inappropriate, never the "little learner" him/herself. This approach will affirm the value of each individual "little learner" . Time-away is used as a last resort, with emphasis on removing the "little learner" from the situation and doing something else. A Kids Gym will NOT permit and will NOT use any abusive disciplinary actions including, but not limited to, spanking, grabbing, shaking, yelling, or embarrassing a "little learner" . A Kids Gym reserves the right to discontinue enrollment, with or without notice, based on a "little learner" ’s behavior.

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